Friday, February 13, 2009

Full Circle

Its all coming back

its Feb again, i am about to launch a new site again and am serving my notice period ... again.
Funny how life sometimes moves in gyres and if you dont record it all you might never realise it.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Olympic gold essay

My first reaction to Abhinav Bindra's Gold medal at Olympics 08 was- 'Ah! finally we have something in our hand'... now after few days of the news settling in ... i think of my school days. i think of my english text books, of chapters that were about P.T Usha.

Ask me what this gold medal means to us! We are a generation of school kids who crammed -' 100 crore population and not even a single gold medal' essay over and over again. I belong to the generation that listened to Barkha or Vikram Chandra on TV raising the same questions, "is it the govt's fault? or is it parent's?" I think of the entrance of my post -grad school, of writing the 25 marks essay on "In the Olympics, few nations are bigger underachievers than India".

And the more i think, the more i envy the school kids of today. I envy the fact that next year their CBSE text books would be all about the 'Golden boy'

And ah! i envy the joy of writing one essay less on issues within India :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

In fond memory of me (almost)

It is quite funny how one can get so attached to oneself - one's virtual self - my almost second life :) ...Today, i deleted my facebook account :( and somehow its making me sad.

To most it may appear as funny, weird or stupid...but it actually had some of my most nicest memories , 'pokes', numerous insane compatibility tests, brillaint & flattering photo comments, meaningless and often self-glorifying status messages of people i knew and mine too... and above all the whole act of getting kicks out of literally stalking on someone else and then not admitting it at all :D

Of all the times i would have mentioned 'viral' nature of social networks, i felt it most when i was selecting the delete option. Friends, collegues and others who were all added over time... gradually seeing the '6' friends count reach 168, and the whole idea of having discovered someone through someone else and 'friends of friends'...*sighs* ...some of these i sincerely hope would add me again if & when i come to life again.
Until then...

Friday, May 2, 2008

Realisation # 2

I was much happier as a kid, but then i was too busy trying to grow old.

No hyperlinks

why is real life so unlinked? why cant i shout it out aloud that i hate her, and that i still love him after what he did or that the reason my eyes are puffed up is not because i am not well or that this cant be happening. wish i could link them, without ever taking names, with just pronouns.

why are there no hyperlinks in real life?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Realisation series

@ who ever is reading this - meet realisation series.
@ realisation series - meet the one who bothers to read this blog.

Introduction: Realisation Series
A publication of some ordinary and some extra-ordinary confessions by the author of this blog, which is intended to continue indefinitely.

The author has been scribbling these confessions on random office stationery like postage stamps, newspapers and notepads....and believes its time when the paper cribs meet the "digital rant" age.
So here goes the first one. (PS: the initial scribbling actually started as an advice by my sister)

Realisation # 1
I hate excel sheets and almost everyone who love them

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

many, many regrets

Its just one of those days when you regret what you did not so long gave up on something you really loved, built it with all that passion and then gave up...
Gave up for no apparent reason to the world, but some insane reason known only to you.

You see it out today, its like meeting your X. there's the same cold something between you, the feeling that once there existed this strong unbreakable bond now gone forever.

"Remember, that I am thy creature: I ought to be thy Adam;
but I am rather the fallen angel..." -

itimes is launched today